Catering Diet Sehat Jakarta Green Lettuce – Mayo Plan. The Mayo program is limited to 2 weeks and is designed to help you lose 4-6 kg. The program uses a food pyramid that has vegetables and fruits as its base. It puts carbohydrates, meat and dairy, fats, and sweets into progressively more limited daily allowances. It also uses NO salt, and less sugar.

Lose Weight in 2016!
The last diet you will ever need.

We will serve your meals everyday from Monday – Friday with twice a day delivery (Lunch & Dinner)
We will give you guidances for best ingredients in The Paleo Diet Plan which is approved from our nutritionist.

Nutritions per serving :

  • NO CARB at all
  • Protein 110 gr (Breast Chicken, Fillet Fish, Tenderloin Beef,)
  • Fresh Vegetable/mix Organic Vegetables (Salad, boiled, steam, and sauteed cooking method)
  • Fresh Cooking everyday
  • No Fat, No MSG, No Preservative, No Artificial Color

GL Mayo Plan “week 1” Menu

  1. Monday: Breakfast with sandwich whole bread. Lunch with roasted breast chicken w/ tomato, green salad with lemon olive oil, mix fruits. Dinner with stir fry beef with almond nut, boiled asparagus corn, fruit pudding.
  2. Tuesday: Breakfast with egg benedict. Lunch with steam dori ginger onion, sauteed horenzo baby corn, apple. Dinner with boiled breast chicken with garlic, garden salad, dragon fruit pudding.
  3. WednesdayBreakfast with skimmed milk & oatmeal. Lunch with grill beef with pronto olive, mix lettuce and bit salad, grape. Dinner with baked salmon with honey lemon, grill capcicum with pesto, strawberry pudding.
  4. Thursday: Breakfast with Pancake Banana. Lunch with tim dada ayam kampung kuning, rebus pokchoy jamur, pear fruit. Dinner with, sauteed wagyu sukiyaki, potato garlic, blueberry pudding.
  5. Fiday: Breakfast with Apple pie pancake. Lunch with grilled tuna with tomato lime sc, mandarin salad, mix fruit. Dinner with grill chicken with kidney beans, boiled sweet kapri with carrot tofu, grape pudding.

What Are you waiting for?

Get healthy now but still eat delicious food with green lettuce diet program.

Contact us to reserve this GL regular plan.

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